Three Energy Services. One Platform.
Tailor-made energy programs

Superior savings and an integrated consumer experience across mobile, web, and thermostat—that’s what you get from EcoFactor. With our cloud-based platform, individual services such as Proactive Energy Efficiency, Optimized Demand Response, and HVAC Performance Monitoring services can be deployed separately or bundled to launch a complete residential energy solution.

Use EcoFactor’s convenient, all-encompassing platform to achieve a higher benefits-to-cost ratio and a seamless experience for consumers.

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User-Friendly Energy Services
Automatically saving consumers energy and money

EcoFactor’s Proactive Energy Efficiency service provides consumers with maximum comfort and savings. Our energy saving algorithms are used to automate the thermostat settings in the home to reduce energy bills.

"EcoFactor does a great job in keeping our family mindful of our power usage during many brutally hot Texas summers. Our house was built in the 1980s in a very inefficient manner, but, thanks in part to EcoFactor, we've identified some needed improvements and now live in a much more energy-friendly home." Wade Hyde, Dallas, TX

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Transforming Big Data into Real Savings
Patented analytics that drive superior value

Our patented algorithms convert big data into useful recommendations that maximize individual homeowner energy savings. We analyze data from various sources to intelligently automate energy savings as well as optimize demand response for our customers.

With our highly scalable cloud platform, our analytics engine processes terabytes of data everyday to achieve industry leading residential savings.

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NV Energy's PowerShift program
A unified EE and DR service for Nevada customers
NV Energy launched our unified demand side management solution to maximize the load reduction capabilities by 25 percent more than any other DR solution. Using the same connected thermostat, consumers also enjoy energy efficiency savings between 10 - 15% on monthly heating and cooling costs.

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