Proactive Energy Efficiency

The EcoFactor Proactive Energy Efficiency service uses data collected from Internet-connected thermostats to run patented energy algorithms, and automatically minimizes homeowner energy consumption.

Our algorithms understand not only how individual homes heat up and cool down, but also the consumer’s comfort preferences. We then use this information to make small setpoint adjustments in real time, giving consumers the energy savings they want, without requiring them to constantly monitor and adjust their thermostat. Now here's a fast and easy way to launch a value-added energy service that results in greater savings and consumer satisfaction.

Key Features:
  • Continuous analytics that maintain individual consumer comfort levels while maximizing energy savings
  • Rich set of APIs for easy integration into existing service portfolio
  • Optional templates available for consumer-facing mobile and web applications
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that is easy to launch, maintain and provides excellent consumer support

Key Benefits:
  • Simple and convenient, turnkey energy analytics service
  • Enhanced branded value-added services and competitive differentiation
  • Greater energy savings that help improve customer satisfaction

Consumer Benefits:
  • More than 20 percent HVAC energy savings
  • Automated energy service that caters to individual homeowner comfort
  • Anytime, anywhere thermostat adjustments via convenient mobile and web app

Want to increase consumer participation in the demand response program, too? Maximize the investment by coupling Proactive Energy Efficiency with the Optimized Demand Response service.

Optimized Demand Response

With the Optimized Demand Response (DR) service, maximum load shed can be achieved with high consumer participation. Offering a unique combination of powerful, cloud-based analytics and inexpensive internet-connected thermostats, we help utilities and energy retailers launch industry leading, high yielding DR programs.

EcoFactor applies a unique set of algorithms to cool each home prior to the DR event. This type of pre-cooling minimizes uncomfortable temperature increases in the home, helping encourage greater participation in the DR program.

Key Features:
  • Targeted pre-cooling that is driven by analytics to minimize uncomfortable temperature increases
  • Predictable DR load shed through detailed real-time analysis
  • Ability to launch Proactive EE service for a complete unified demand side management solution
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that is easy to launch, maintain and provides excellent consumer service

Key Benefits:
  • Up to 3kW per home and 2.4kW per thermostat of load shed during peak DR season*
  • 25 percent greater load shed than other DR programs
  • Sustained consumer participation with high satisfaction levels

Consumer Benefits:
  • DR events that consumers hardly notice
  • Anytime, anywhere thermostat control via convenient mobile and web app
  • High participate in DR events to save energy

Want to increase consumer participation in the energy efficiency program, too? Maximize the investment by coupling Optimized Demand Response with the Proactive Energy Efficiency service.

HVAC Performance Monitoring

Undetected problems in a home's HVAC system wastes energy and can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. With the EcoFactor's HVAC Performance Monitoring service, our sophisticated analytics algorithms and pattern recognition can be used to identify lapses in HVAC performance and notify consumers as soon as a problem is detected.

Because EcoFactor's energy analytics platform is delivered as a SaaS service, there is no IT involvement or any server software needed. This service can seamlessly and easily integrate the service into any business process and strengthen the consumer relationship.

Key Features:
  • Detailed, real-time analysis that detects various levels of performance degradation, enabling customer lead generation
  • Gateway for continuous communication and remote energy audits for customers
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that is easy to launch, maintain, and provides excellent consumer support
  • HVAC Performance Monitoring service sends automated notifications signaling new leads