Cloud-based Energy Platform
Powerful analytics and scalability

Because EcoFactor's intelligence is located in the cloud, we can leverage enormous computational power to run our sophisticated algorithms. This allows each branded energy program to launch securely and scale across millions of homes.

Our software incorporates various data streams, including thermostat settings, family comfort preferences, and local weather conditions into sophisticated learning algorithms. This benefits the consumer by automating the settings of the thermostat to maximize savings. The platform also simplifies the process of launching a demand response program — an added bonus for utilities and energy providers to obtain maximum load shed.

Our partners can easily roll out all three EcoFactor services; Proactive Energy Efficiency, Optimized Demand Response, and HVAC Performance Monitoring through a single cloud-based platform.

Open Thermostat APIs
Your connected thermostat — we're hardware agnostic

The EcoFactor platform works with Internet-connected thermostats from most manufacturers at a variety of price points. We give you the flexibility and convenience to choose which thermostat you want to roll out with our Proactive Energy Efficiency, Optimized Demand Response, and HVAC Performance Monitoring services. Leverage our open APIs to connect your preferred thermostat to the EcoFactor platform.

Branded Consumer Experience
Customize our energy services however you choose

Using EcoFactor’s rich set of APIs, you can easily integrate our services into your existing user interface (UI) and provide a seamless update to consumers. You can also launch an entirely new app, or leverage our templates for consumer-facing mobile and web applications. Either way, consumers can conveniently control the temperature in their home, anytime, anywhere.

Program Management Tool Suite
Consumer on-boarding, customer care, and reporting

EcoFactor provides a comprehensive set of consumer management tools that can be easily integrated with your current business operations. Called InSite, this toolset simplifies the process of provisioning and managing the EcoFactor solution in the field.

InSite provides simple tools for on-boarding, installation, reporting, and training — all through a seamless escalation path that ties in with your existing customer service infrastructure. With EcoFactor, cost-effective launches of new energy saving programs with high customer satisfaction levels are achieved.

Infrastructure Integration

Enjoy a simple, seamless, and hassle-free deployment

Through the use of APIs, the EcoFactor platform can be seamlessly integrated with your current infrastructure. And because our services run in the cloud, there is no additional hardware to purchase and install.

You can easily integrate our Proactive Energy Efficiency, Optimized Demand Response, and HVAC Performance Monitoring services into a single cloud-based system to improve return on investment and simplify deployment.